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LOT 2 CYCLE 2022-2023

EU MODEX NEW WAVE POLAND 2023 – between 5th to 8th of September 2023, a water-related exercise was hosted by Poland with the

participation of 6 specialized modules from 6 countries: Austria (FC), Belgium (FRB), Croatia (FRB), Czech Republic (FRB), Finland (HCP) and

Ukraine (HCP). The exercise was the fifth one organized by the CN APELL-RO, as leading consortium, within Cycle 11 – 2022 -2023, Lot 2:

exercises for flood related CBRN and forest fire fighting modules and other response capacities.

* FC: Flood Containment Module; FRB: Flood Rescue Using Boats Module; HCP: High Capacity Pumping Module

All the teams participating in the exercise put their skills, protocols and gear to the test, but most importantly, they were challenged to coordinate their

missions with each other in the field.

Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki municipality proved to be a perfect location to test the capabilities of the international modules deployed in Poland to sup-

port the local authorities during the floods. For three days, Vistula and Narew rivers were the scene of continuous activities of pumping water, evacu-

ating and rescuing people from the affected areas, as well as protecting the rivers banks, keeping the wave of flood under control. The Base of

Operation was established inside the beautiful walls of Modlin Fortress, just 40 km away from the capital, Warsaw.

With the great support of our hosts, Polish State Fire Service and Fire University of Poland, the Consortium successfully managed to deliver a realis-

tic environment to test the international modules in a water related exercise.

Many thanks to everyone involved in organizing the EU MODEX NEW WAVE POLAND 2023.